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When you get a Praos’ smart home security system installed, you step into a world where safety meets convenience. Our systems incorporate state-of-the-art technology, offering everything from intrusion detection to fire alerts, all seamlessly managed from a user-friendly app. Monitor your home, manage your devices, and maintain peace of mind from anywhere in the world. The added bonus? We take the hassle out of setting up. Our professional team handles the installation, ensuring that your system is set up correctly for the best functionality and security. Choose our smart home security systems and make the smart move towards a safer, more secure tomorrow.

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Praos Smart Home Security System Products

Customizable Alarm Systems Built For Your Needs

Protecting What Matters Most.

Licensed Installation

Our team of licensed professionals install systems to the highest of standards for our customers. Free training & support included.

Unhackable Equipment

Devices are connected & encrypted with the latest Z-Wave technology that is smash & crash proof and works even without internet.

Professional Monitoring

Around the clock police, medical & fire alarm monitoring from our award-winning UL-listed monitoring station partner.

Fast Response Times

With average response times of just 13 seconds, we’re one of the quickest to respond in the unlikely case of an emergency.

Unified Smart Home Hub

Our dual-band panel connects all devices in a single integrated hub for ultimate security & convenience.

Popular Plans

Essential Smart Home Security Package

Smart Security


Security System with Smoke Alarm & Protection Devices

Complete Smart Home Security Package

Smart Security


Smart Home System with Video Doorbell & Smoke Alarm

Ultimate Smart Home Security Package

Smart Security


Full System Package to Control, View & Protect Your Home

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Smart Home Security Panel

Protected, Connected & Unified.

The IQ4 security panel from Qolsys is the latest technology that is packed with endless features focused on security, data privacy, automation & home control. The screen has higher resolutions with wider viewing areas & an easy-to-use interface.

Users can take full control of their home that is customizable to customers needs. Unlock the system with facial recognition, view live video feeds and so much more.

Praos Smart Security Panel
Industry-first Face Recognition Disarm

Face Recognition Disarm

Data Privacy & Encryption

Data Privacy & Encryption

Video Live View

Camera Live Video Monitoring

Bluetooth Touchless Disarm

Bluetooth Touchless Disarm

Dual Path Connection (LTE/WiFi)

Dual Path Connection (LTE/Wi-Fi)

Smart Home Controls & Scenes

Smart Home Controls & Scenes

Built-In Glass Break Protection

Built-In Glass Break Protection

Integrates With Existing Systems

Integrates With Existing Systems

Connected App Control

Connected App Control

Pet Friendly Motion Sensors

Detect Unwanted Movement

These motion sensors are built to be inconspicuously placed in high traffic areas of your home. Typically put in entryway or hallways, if there is motion sensed when the arm is set to away, it will send an alert to the security control panel. They are pet friendly for up to 40 pounds and blend seemingly in with most areas that is harder to detect than cameras. So even if an intruder were to spot the cameras and disable them, they will more than likely miss the motion sensors.

Motion Sensors
Wireless Door & Window Contacts

Wireless Window & Door Contacts

Know Who’s Opening What & When

These vanishing wireless contacts attach to doors, windows, cabinets or any other spots where you want to know when items are opened and closed. Many homes already have windows and contacts pre-wired, which is great! Our smart home security systems can integrate in with existing contacts, and we can add new ones where necessary. There are endless possibilities on how you can use contacts, like putting on safes, mailboxes and more. Our systems come with at least 3, but can add more if needed.

Smoke & Carbon Dioxide Detectors

Protecting Lives from Elemental Danger

Beyond protecting from intruders, smoke & carbon monoxide protectors keep your family safe from harmful elements that can happen at any moment. Our smoke detectors connect directly to the monitoring station so if a fire is detected, it will automatically let our operators know. When seconds count, we can immediately inform your local authorities, so they can dispatch the fire department to your home. You’d be surprised how many people believe they don’t need monitored detectors, until they do. Call us today to set up your custom home protection & monitoring solution.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Smart Door Locks

Connected Door Locks

User Controlled Access

Door locks allow you to control who’s coming in and out at your property at any given moment. Remotely lock or unlock doors from our connected app with ease. Assign user specific codes to certain people to have a better understanding on who is coming in and out of your property. Furthermore, you can also create one time codes to allow temporary access to your home. Our connected door locks bring protection, control & convenience to our smart home security systems.

Security Cameras

Crystal Clear A.I. Powered Video Surveillance

Capture the moments that matter with our latest UHD security cameras. With the power of A.I., automatically detect objects, specific people, pets and more. The ultra-wide night vision surveillance cameras make sure that every angle is covered outside and in, day or night.

With privacy in mind, our security cameras are encrypted with the highest standards and stored in secure cloud servers which can only be accessed by people you allow. Our team also hard-wire installs the security cameras, so swapping out batteries are now a thing of the past. Call us today to get started.

Security Camera Systems
Smart Security Video Monitoring
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Additional Protection & Control Equipment

More Ways to Protect, Control & Monitor.
Free Same-Day Installation & Activation on All New Systems

Home Security System Installations

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Alarm Monitoring

Here When Seconds Count
Praos Alarm Monitoring Notification

All of our new system packages come backed with professional alarm monitoring that is second to none. Our US based monitoring station provides our customers with complete peace of mind, 24/7/365.

With our latest connected Richmond home security systems, operators are even able to see which specific triggers set off alarms. This gives authorities valuable data when every second counts. If the intruder is experienced and tries to cut off the internet and/or power, you’ll still be protected with the panel’s built-in backup battery & cellular connection to the station. And thanks to our patented smash & crash technology, if the burglar tries to destroy the panel it will automatically notify our monitoring team.

Praos Alarm Monitoring Notification

Benefits of a Home Security System

A home security system offers numerous benefits that go beyond mere safety and protection. Here are some key advantages:

  • Crime Deterrence: Visible security systems are proven deterrents for burglars and intruders, ensuring your home is less likely to be targeted.
  • Insurance Savings: Many insurance companies offer discounts on home insurance premiums when you install a home security system, helping you save money.
  • Increased Efficiency: Modern security systems often integrate with smart home technology, allowing you to manage your home’s energy efficiency by controlling lights, thermostats, and appliances.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your home is protected 24/7 gives you peace of mind, whether you’re away or at home.
  • Emergency Response: In the event of a break-in, fire, or medical emergency, a monitored system can ensure that the relevant authorities are alerted promptly.

Investing in an active alarm system is not just a safety measure, it’s a step towards a more secure, efficient, and cost-effective lifestyle. Call us today or request a quote to learn more about our Richmond alarm solutions.