What’s Included?

Smart Home Security Panel

Qolsys IQ4 Smart Home Panel (Black or White)

Our new panel and smart home hub is the latest in home security technology. Either wall mounted or countertop, the IQ4 is smash & crash proof with built-in cellular and a backup battery.

Smart Home Security App

Smart Home Security & Automation App

Stay connected and enjoy complete control over the security of property, including geofencing automation rules. This ensures your peace of mind is never more than a quick tap away.

Doorbell Video Camera

Touchless Video Doorbell Camera

Our doorbell cameras offer an impressive 150° vertical Field of View (FOV), monitoring the entire entrance area. Interacting with visitors is easier than ever with two-way audio and full portrait viewing.

Motion Detector

Pet-Friendly Motion Sensor

If there is motion sensed when the arm is set to away, it will automatically send an alert to the security control panel and notify & the monitoring station immediately. They are also pet friendly for up to 40 pounds.

Wireless Contact

Wireless Window/Door Contacts (X3)

Wirelessly connects to the alarm system and notifies if opened/closed. If your home is already pre-wired, our system can integrate in with most existing contacts.

Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector (Battery or Wired)

This device senses smoke in your home, acting as an early warning system for potential fires. It promptly alerts you with a loud alarm, providing crucial time to take action.

Voice Controlled Home Security Systems

Alexa, Siri & Google Home Integration

Amazon Alexa and Google Home integrates in with your home security system, thermostat, lights, door locks, and beyond. Use your voice to interact directly with your home.

Yard & Window Stickers

Yard Sign & Window Decals

With every new alarm installation or existing system activation, we make sure to leave you with brand-new yard signs and multiple window stickers, giving bad guys a fair warning.

Customizable Alarm Systems Built For Your Needs

Protecting What Matters Most.

Licensed Installation

Our team of licensed professionals install systems to the highest of standards for our customers. Free training & support included.

Unhackable Equipment

Devices are connected & encrypted with the latest Z-Wave technology that is smash & crash proof and works even without internet.

Professional Monitoring

Around the clock police, medical & fire alarm monitoring from our award-winning UL-listed monitoring station partner.

Fast Response Times

With average response times of just 13 seconds, we’re one of the quickest to respond in the unlikely case of an emergency.

Unified Smart Home Hub

Our dual-band panel connects all devices in a single integrated hub for ultimate security & convenience.

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  • Free Equipment You Own
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  • Same Day Installation

  • On-Site Training & Support
  • A+ Locally Rated
  • UL-Certified Alarm Monitoring
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • $0 Activation Fees
  • Utilize Existing Equipment

  • Local Security Company
  • $200 Referral Program

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