Product Overview

Introducing the ADC-VDB750, our latest HD quality wired video doorbell camera. It’s super easy to install with most mechanical chimes as it doesn’t need a power module. Plus, it comes with two-way audio, smart video analytics, and a wide operating temperature range.

This doorbell camera is a step up from our previous models, offering clear 2MP images and a broad field-of-view. It smartly detects people, reducing false alarms from things like moving trees. And don’t worry about extreme weather; it operates from -58ºF to 120ºF.

For installation, it’s compatible with both mechanical and digital chimes and can be powered by an AC transformer or a DC power supply. We recommend using 18-20 gauge wire for optimal performance. Plus, there’s no need for a resistor if you don’t have a chime, just use our ADC-VDB-PSU-DC wall power supply kit.

What’s more, you can control Z-Wave lights and unlock Z-Wave locks directly from the ADC-VDB750’s call screen. Handy, right?

ADC-VDB750 - With App
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Commercial Grade Security Camera Systems

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Real-Time Video Monitoring

Receive notifications & monitor the home, loved ones, and valuables from wherever, whenever, and however you want.

Personalized Notifications

Configure your alerts and video clips to match your personal preferences and lifestyle, ensuring you receive updates in real time.

Accessible Storage Options

Conveniently retrieve your smart home security camera system’s footage from the cloud or an SD card, anytime you need it.

Superior Data Protection

Your videos are safeguarded with encrypted data security. Introduce an additional shield of safety against potential cyber threats.

No Batteries Needed

With professional installation, we will hard-wire power most cameras. You’ll never have to worry about batteries or losing connection.