Home security systems often come in a two-part package: the equipment that safeguards your property and 24/7 professional monitoring. While equipment costs can vary, it’s the monthly monitoring fee that sometimes raises questions. So, can your home alarm work without professional monitoring? Let’s explore this topic to find out.

Why Customers Stop Paying for Monitoring

Home Security System Plans

Home Security System Plans

Inflation has led many consumers to reassess their monthly expenses, including home security monitoring fees. Some security companies offer incredibly enticing introductory rates that are initially affordable but tend to increase over time. As contracts expire and prices rise, some customers opt out of monitoring services due to budget constraints.

However, canceling monitoring services doesn’t always mean you’re off the hook. In many cases, customers are still responsible for the remaining equipment balance, which they get to keep. But here’s the catch—some equipment doesn’t work without professional monitoring. After canceling the service, you might encounter error messages and beeping keypads, which can be frustrating and disruptive.

Unfortunately, unplugging the panel and removing batteries to stop the beeping renders your security system essentially useless, as it won’t be connected to itself or capable of protecting your home.

Will Your Home Alarm Work Without Monitoring?

Whether your home alarm will function without monitoring depends on your security company and equipment. After terminating monitoring, some security systems display error messages and produce intermittent keypad beeping, which can be temporarily silenced by unplugging the panel and removing batteries. However, self-monitored systems lack the ability to dispatch first responders in emergencies, raising concerns about their effectiveness when immediate action is essential.

Professionally monitored home & business security systems offer dependable monitoring services that can dispatch first responders, even if you’re away from home and unable to receive alerts. This ensures constant protection for your home and provides peace of mind, knowing professionals are watching over your security system.

Additionally, in many states, homeowners are charged fees for false alarms. While some may want the police to respond to the first alarm, repeated false alarms can lead to a preference for not automatically sending the police. With proper security services and equipment, you can rely on 24/7 monitoring to alert you and the authorities to potential threats without worrying about frequent false alarms.

Self-Monitoring Considerations

Deciding whether to have a home alarm without monitoring involves weighing several factors. While self-monitoring may offer potential cost savings, there are pros and cons to consider. The ability to relocate security equipment within your home is a benefit, but self-monitored systems may not be ideal in areas with poor internet connectivity, as many rely on strong Wi-Fi signals.

Some self-monitored systems lack audible alarms, making it challenging to detect intrusions. This emphasizes the importance of carefully evaluating self-monitored systems’ features and capabilities.

In summary, while self-monitoring offers customization and cost savings, it may compromise the speed and efficiency of response in critical situations. It’s crucial to strike a balance between affordability and comprehensive security coverage when considering home protection.

Choose Praos Solutions for Your Security Needs

Yard & Window Stickers

Yard & Window Stickers

Praos provides around-the-clock advanced security monitoring, ensuring your safety whether you’re at home or away. With our 24/7 professional monitoring, you can secure your home and family without breaking the bank. For more information about home alarm systems and professionally monitored home security, contact us today for a free quote.

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