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Praos Smart Security: Our Story

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Praos is the Greek word for meek. Meek is often understood to be the same as weak, but this is not true. Meekness is strength under control. If one is not strong, one cannot be meek. We chose Praos as the name for our business because we are strong, yet gentle. Meaning we have the ability to wield great power, but we choose to serve. We choose to serve our clients for their best good. We are not profit oriented, but service oriented. We want win-win solutions for our customers.

Freedom would be meaningless without security in the home and in the streets. - Nelson Mandela

Our humble beginnings started in June of 2019. We made the decision to partner with Brinks Home Security as an Authorized Agent in the spring of 2020 because of their exceptional customer service. Praos is a family owned business which started out with our CEO, project manager, and lead technician being Rod. Our administration staff began being made up by the other half of the team, Emily. While Praos is a new company, we have over 20 years of personal experience in the security industry!

As we yield to bright ideas, we build our team. Those introductions will come later. To start with we would like to highlight the main man of our operation, the CEO of Praos who personifies the name so well. Say hello to Rod.

Rod Holloman, CA

Senior Technology & Energy Advisor

Rod has over 20 years of private security experience. He co-founded Secure Elements, Inc in 2003 and served as the President/CEO, Compliance Agent, Systems Integration Engineer, and Security Consultant.

Rod has had the privilege of designing, installing, and managing complex security, automation, and energy management projects for both homes and businesses.

He has always been one to embrace technological changes during that span of time. He has seen security go from basic alarm installs that protect your perimeter doors to motion detectors to protect from interior intrusion and on to monitored systems that include smoke detectors for life safety due to the threat of fire.

Today he says, we are able to integrate those peripherals with a control hub that combines them with smart thermostats, smart LED bulbs, and temperature sensors. As a Premier Partner of, the leader in smart home security, this integration allows you to control all those systems in the palm of your hand on your smart portable device. With the added control hub and platform, it also allows the systems to intelligently make changes based on changing conditions such as high or low temperatures outside, a window or door being left open, or reduce the inhalation of hazardous fumes due to a fire by automatically turning off the central air via the smart thermostat which prevents further circulation throughout the house and sleeping areas.

The benefits of life safety for a professionally installed system are priceless.

Some of the major projects he oversaw were:

  • Henrico High School: GE/Tamron 66 Analog Camera Surveillance Security System.

  • The Naval Medical Center: Honeywell 26 Analog Camera Surveillance System.

  • The Hermitage of Richmond Assisted Living Facility: Keyscan 10 Door Access Control System with Software and IP Integration and Direct Sale Capture.

  • VSU: 40 IP Camera and OnSSI IP Management Software / Video Wall, IT Partner Firm Capture. (Interesting story on this project, be sure to ask Rod about it)

Because of our team’s background, we are uniquely positioned to provide solutions that add value to homes and businesses.

Ready to get Smart Security? Contact Praos Today!

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